You Must relax

20 Sep ’11 interactive installation “Astrid” / KUMU permanent collection Art projects, Production

Mobile phone Astrid enables you to make phone calls for free. When you are kneeling in front of Astrid, it is about you and a machine. The relationship is honest.

Visitor about Astrid: “We went to KUMU museum with kids to make phone calls with Astrid. The kids were excited and the security guard amused when he heard my kids talking to Mummu (grandmother). I was embarrassed – all the visitors heard the conversation at the lobby! Mummu did not understand a thing and entertained the audience for all the money.”

You can call to Astrid during the opening hours of the museum:
Wed 11 am–8 pm
Thurs–Sun 11 am–6 pm
The number is + (372) 533 35 571

GATEWAYS, curator Sabine Himmelsbach
2011, The Art Museum of Estonia KUMU

2012, Basel

2012, Basel

The work is part of The Art Museum of Estonia KUMU art collection since 2012.

Idea, design, production: Eve Arpo, Riin Rõõs
Kalmer Allik, Erik Bartske
With the support of: The Art Museum of Estonia, Goethe Institute, Estonian Cultural Endowment, EMT