You Must relax

20 Mar ’12 Body and Space #2 Art projects

With the performance I am exploring the relations between space, body and everyday objects. I am intrigued by the meaning and power that certain objects contain.
Prologue: until 2010, the dutch law allowed to squat a building by someone if the space was empty and not in use. When a building was squatted, it was normal to invite the police to inspect the squat. The police checked whether the place was lived in by the squatter. In legal terms, this means there must be a bed, a chair and a table in the space.

Author: Eve Arpo 

V made in estonia maraton
Kanuti Gildi saal
2012, Tallinn

Global Container XXIII
Culture Factory Polymer
2012, Tallinn

Acknowledgments: Marit Mihklepp

photos: Marit Mihklepp and Annika Haas