You Must relax

20 Mar ’12 Body and Space #1 Art projects

An exploration of co-existence of space and a human body. I am dislocating any rules by illustrating an alternative way of using this space. The work is about enjoying the body that you have in the space that surrounds it.

I am fascinated by how space and objects predefine our actions. We have been taught to read the signs of objects and to behave according to the information. For that reason our movement is predictable and the body has become machinery; performing the tasks and acting unemotionally.

In my work I am zooming in on a typical Dutch kitchen which was designed for utmost functionality. It is a place where the patterns of movement are especially present and where people act according to these unwritten rules.
Author: Eve Arpo

Örebro International Video Art Festival
2010, Örebro SWE

The Works Art & Design Festival
2008, Edmonton CA

Festival Plektrum
2007, Tallinn EST

Graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2006, Amsterdam NL