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11 May ’13 OPEN-AIR INSTALLATION AND PROJECT SPACE “LAUD” / KUMU MUSEUM Installation, Performance, Production

LAUD (eng.: board) is a temporary open-air installation at the ground of the former Arts Academy of Estonia. The project’s sculptural form inspires new forms of social engagement and communication. This site-specific installation reminds us that social behavior is shaped by art and design, and vice versa. LAUD activates a cheerless vacant lot used for parking and creates alternatives for organizing art and other events. 50-metre-long concrete boards on the ground provide a space for public lectures and exhibitions.

LAUD is located in one of the most important pieces of real estate in downtown Tallinn. In 2010 the historical Academy of Arts building was demolished, the situation was full of conflict. LAUD is a gesture, an invitation to collaborate.

Team: Eve Arpo, Grete Veskiväli, Lauri Eltermaa, Joel Kopli, Koit Ojaliiv, Juhan Rohtla, Ahti Grünberg, Tõnis Kalve
Production: Eve Arpo, Grete Veskiväli

Art Museum of Estonia KUMU
May – September 2013, Tallinn

With the support of: The Art Museum of Estonia KUMU, Estonian Cultural Endowment, The Council Of Gambling Tax, Estonian Academy of Arts, Hakk MTÜ, Avatud Ateljeed, Kinobuss
Sponsors: Kaarlaid OÜ, E-Betoonelement AS, Helaakoski Kraanad OÜ, Silmani Elekter AS, Juhani viagra side effects Puukool, Europark Estonia OÜ, AS Kiviluks, Viamer Grupp OÜ, RGB Baltic OÜ, Goelro OÜ

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