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12 Jan ’09 Musical study of mobile phones Art projects

The spatial musical instrument is constructed of old mobile phones donated by people, computer and a MIDI keyboard. A musician plays the keyboard and the phones ring in real time composing a concert of visuals and sound. The software is actually calling the phones while the musician plays the keys.

Mobile phones, “members of the orchestra”, are donated by people all over Estonia.  The campaign has been around Estonia and not only the people but also different organizations have donated phones: city governments, banks, hospitals, trade centers, private companies.

The collection of phones shows the preferences of people and moods of times. There are ringing sounds from the first cell phones and from the latest polyphonic phones. Technology is juxtaposed with memory and experience.

Recording of a performance 15. sept. 2009, Estonian Concert Hall:


Authors: Eve Arpo, Riin Rõõs
Partners: Timo Toots (live performance interface development to the calling software), Lauri Eltermaa (sound composition)
With the support of: Andrew McKenzie, Aqris, EMT, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Viru Keskus, Euroweb, Kauss Arhitektuur, Laulu- ja Tantsupidu, Kingent Management, Festival Plektrum, KUMU, Katrin Mesilane, Neeme Rõõs
Concerts: Leigo Lake Music Festival, Estonian Concert Hall, Plektrum Festival at Estonian Art Museum KUMU