You Must relax

12 Jan ’06 Observatory Art projects

Before observing the world from ouside one could have a good look into inside of oneself. This is an invitation for a natural sauna experience.

Happening took place in Ameland in a former silo place on a sunny afternoon in 2004. The silo is located in the back yard of Dit Eiland Gallery in Ameland, in an island in the north of Netherlands. It is an empty place, almost so empty that it already fills itself.

A sauna is a place where one can be purified phisically and mentally. Through history saunas have been important places – places to go to give birth, to die; it was involved in weddings and mourn. Sauna was an important place for shamans to go to spirit’s land to get knowledge and happyness for their nation.

Dit Eiland Gallery
2004, The Netherlands

Acknowledgments: John Lonsdale, Timo Mank, Elena Khurtova